Blades subscription

The subscription is very simple: you choose the blade type (3-blade or 5-blade) and decide how often you want the blades to be sent to your home. 3 days before the blades are sent, you will receive an email informing you that the blades will be sent soon. You can then use the link in the email to make changes (e.g. skip a delivery, cancel the subscription or change the blade type).

You can easily make changes via the user account (login via Shavejack website on the top right), call us or send us an email. Whatever you prefer. :) You can set up the account right at the start or contact us later if you want one. In the account you can change the address, the subscription, the frequency, the delivery data and update the payment method.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. To do this, you can either go to your account and click on "cancel" under Subscription, you can call us or write an email. There are no cancellation periods or other clauses. You are free as a bird.

Of course. You can order blades without a subscription. To do this, simply select "single delivery without subscription" when ordering your blades.


Our shaving handles are made from Swiss wood in Switzerland. If necessary, we refresh the handle so that it lasts a lifetime. For every handle sold, we plant a new tree with OneTreePlanted. Our Shaving Cream is also made in Switzerland.

We buy in the razor blades because we cannot produce them ourselves. They are produced in the USA.

Our shaving handles are only compatible with our blades. Worldwide there is no uniform click system and each razor has a different connector again. We have adapted our handle to the hundredth exactly to our blade. It would therefore be a coincidence if another blade would also fit on it.

Our blades are close together, so the risk of clogging is more likely than with wider offset blades. Ideally, you rinse the blades with hot water after each pull. Then it works well.

Our razors as well as the Shaving Cream are suitable for sensitive skin. However, since everyone is different and shaving is an individual thing, there are always exceptions. If you do not like the product, we will of course take it back. You can find more information about this under "Returns", at the bottom.

The application is quite simple.

1.) Dry skin well and massage in Shaving Cream.

2.) Shave with a sharp blade. Rinse blade with hot water after each stroke.

3.) Use one stroke of Shaving Cream as an aftershave. Done.

This depends on the thickness of the hair and varies greatly. The average is about 7 times shaving. As soon as shaving feels more like pulling, you should change the blade. Ideally, you wash the face before shaving with warm water and a cleanser or scrub. Then the skin is ideally prepared for shaving.

The shaving handle is so durable that you don't have to recycle it. If needed, we'll be happy to freshen it up so it lasts a lifetime. You can do this as often as you would a wood floor. We use a natural linseed oil mixture for this. Should the handle ever wear out, the wood is biodegradable and the metal is recyclable.

The blister in which the blades are placed is recyclable because it is made of a pure plastic. The blades themselves, are not recyclable in any meaningful way. We have checked with recycling specialists whether it makes sense to recycle the blades. However, taking into account the grey energy used for collection, shredding, granulation, recycling, it turned out to require more energy on the bottom line. It would then be more marketing than sensible, which is why we refrain from doing it.

For the packaging, we use recyclable materials made of cardboard, paper and glass, except for the pump heads.

Payment, Shipping & Returns

We currently ship to Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. For addresses in Switzerland and Liechtenstein: Please order via

Currently you can pay with PayPal, credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Klarna Sofortüberweisung.

The shipping costs are calculated automatically in the shopping cart. The razor blade subscriptions are shipped free of charge within Germany. Shipping costs for packages are EUR 5.90. From a shopping cart value of EUR 50.00 shipping is free.

From order you will receive your products within 2-4 business days. Delays may occur on holidays.

You can return the product to us within 14 days from delivery. Please follow the instructions in our returns portal so that we can identify the return and refund your money.

Other questions & contact

We are happy to be there for you.

If your question has not been answered, we will of course be happy to help you. How to reach us:

Phone: +41 43 508 00 81