About Shavejack

The wife wants to borrow her husband's razor and there are no more replaceable blades in stock in the closet - it is exactly in such situations that ideas arise. With a razor blade subscription, one would always have sharp blades at hand, easily and conveniently. That's how Shavejack was founded: Our first goal was to send sharp razor blades at fair prices to your home free of charge at the desired frequency.

To start the day freshly shaved, you need not only sharp blades, but also a shaving cream. Less is more - this applies not only to beard stubble, but also to the mirror cabinet in the bathroom. That's why our Shaving Cream, produced primarily from organic oils, is applied without water and is also a soothing aftershave. This saves space in the bathroom and time in the morning. Making

your everyday life more comfortable wasn't enough for us though 😉. We wanted to design a shaving handle that combines aesthetics and durability, that is in tune with today's zeitgeist and that promotes local craftsmanship. We presented our first prototypes, turned by Thomas Meier, at a design fair in Zurich. In no time all prototypes were sold, so we decided to go into production on the same day. In the meantime, two Swiss handicraft companies produce our shaving handles from local wood and the production will be further expanded.

For every shaving handle sold, we plant a new tree thanks to our cooperation with the international organization OneTreePlanted. So that the quality of everyday life is preserved for the next generation.

And it remains exciting, because we are already planning further projects. In the not too distant future, we would like to launch a 100% recyclable zero-waste razor. Also in the pipeline are other plant-based shaving products without foaming additives, which we produce vegan and largely based on organic oils.

Would you like to be among the first to test our new products? We'd love to hear from you! Send us an email and we will get back to you.

Martina & Thomas, Founders Shavejack