Shavejack an der criterion!

Shavejack at the criterion!

Nut or pear? Or would you prefer apple? Together with wood turner Thomas Meier from the Meier wood turnery, Shavejack is working on a high-quality shaving handle made of Swiss wood. The interview in the criterionJournal

Criterion takes place for the second time in Zurich: 28.3. - 31.3.2019.

Criterion is Europe's interdisciplinary platform for changing perspectives: this is where people think ahead about how things can be done successfully differently. Criterion is also a market of makers: with over 200 stands and with forward-looking products from design, technology, crafts and food culture. From manufacturers and traders who take responsibility. Criterion is a three-day experience that awakens your curiosity about alternatives and shows you that change is possible if we tackle and implement it together. For a future with a future.

Limited number of prototypes available on 30 March

On Saturday, March 30, you can watch live as walnut and other woods are used to create Shavejack shaving handle prototypes. You can also get your hands on a limited edition and make your own wishes while the prototype is being made: The discussions with the visitors flow namely directly into the further development of the new shaving handle. A limited number of prototypes are available, exclusively for Criterion visitors!

Workshop leader: Thomas Meier
Thomas Meier is a certified master wood turner and owner of Drechslerei Meier in Hombrechtikon When he is not working on and with wood, he works as a vocational school teacher and examination expert - or as president of the IGKH (Interessen Gemeinschaft Kunst Handwerk Holz).
Shavejack understands razor-sharp man's things: Razor blades. And the handles to go with them. Further information at criterion festival programme

Registration is not necessary. We are looking forward to seeing you!

The Shavejack Team