Neu: Shaving Cream kann auch Aftershave

New: Shaving Cream can also be used as an aftershave

Some customers have asked us why we do not offer products for shaving. We have accepted the steep pass and made us on the socks. The world does not need another shaving foam. Especially because there are additives hidden in it to make it foamy, which don't exactly make your skin go into high gear right now.

Shaving cream is also aftershave
Our everyday helper for the male morning ritual is supposed to tick in a similar way to our razor subscription: improve the quality of the everyday in a simple way. Voila, there it is! Our Shaving Cream that's so good to your skin, it doesn't need to be washed off. Spread excess cream on your skin after shaving and save yourself the aftershave. Done!

The formula was designed by a neurologist and further developed in collaboration with dermatologists. Our Shaving Cream is purely herbal and consists of high-quality and natural ingredients. Sea buckthorn oil makes sharp razor blades glide effortlessly and cares for the skin at the same time. Borage seed oil counteracts razor burn and leaf algae strengthens the skin's protective barrier. We produce exclusively in Switzerland.

  • Scientifically sound
  • Dermatologically tested
  • For a gentle and close shave
  • Ideal for precise contours
  • Soothes irritated skin
  • Vegan, mainly made from organic oils
  • Without foaming additives, parabens, dyes and preservatives
  • Developed and manufactured in Switzerland

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