Neu: Rasiergriff aus Schweizer Holz

New: Swiss wood shaving handle

We ensure less plastic and more aesthetics in the bathroom with the new shaving handle made of Swiss wood. The handles are available in walnut, pear and yew wood and are turned in Thomas Meier's workshop in Hombrechtikon. Each piece is unique by nature.

We regularly supply shaving contemporaries with fresh razor blades. Now everyday life should not only become easier, but also more beautiful: With a shaving handle made of Swiss wood. The handle fits comfortably in the hand, impresses with its simple design and does not have to be hidden in the bathroom cabinet.

In addition to function and design, the time factor also played a decisive role in the development of the new shaving handle. The handle was designed to be durable in the sense of a circular economy. The Swiss start-up buys the shaving handle back from its customers for a partial amount when they no longer need it. Regardless of the useful life and without any further purchase obligations.
Circular economy at Shavejack

To make this work, Shavejack uses high-quality materials for the handle that are are easy to repair and reuse. Wood can be wood can be resurfaced. If the razor handle can't be resurfaced, we take it apart. Wood is biodegradable, and we reuse the cleaned metal parts... we reuse.

According to our own tests, Shavejack can save a good 20 percent of the of the costs. In this way, some of the raw materials can be found in the customer's bathroom. of the customers. From a hygienic point of view, this is harmless. Tests in a microbiological laboratory have confirmed that a shaving handle refreshed by us is equivalent in terms of hygiene to a freshly equivalent to a freshly packaged toothbrush.

Expansion of the recycling program planned
We are currently clarifying with recycling specialists whether it would be ecologically and economically viable, taking into account the energy, it makes ecological and economic sense to recycle the razor blades. A comparable recycling programme exists in Switzerland.

But Shavejack's ecological commitment goes even further. For every razor handle sold, Shavejack plants a new tree in cooperation with the international organization One Tree Planted and thus also wants to improve the quality of the everyday life of the day after tomorrow.
Photo: Emmanuel Lukas Denier

The turned shaving handles made of Swiss walnut, pear or yew wood cost between CHF 39.- and CHF 59.- and are availableat Four matching 3-blade razors cost CHF 7.90, and four 5-blade razors including trimmers cost CHF 12.90. For the holiday season, Shavejack is offering a limited edition plum wood razor for CHF 125 in a handmade Swiss wood storage box.