Short flashback
Why are razor blades so overpriced and why are all razor handles practically identical? We do not understand that until today. We, Thomas & Martina, wanted to change this. We wanted to turn the model "free shaving handle & expensive replacement blades" on its head and offer our customers a long-lasting, aesthetic shaving handle and blades at fair prices. But how?

On a hiking tour the idea was born to develop a shaving handle made of Swiss wood. The idea of the Shavejack handle was born. But from the idea to the finished product it took longer than expected. Again and again there were new challenges and so it took some prototypes, curious tinkering and perseverance.

Back to the present
Our shaving handle made of Swiss wood is now diligently produced and sold. A making-of video has also recently been completed. Master wood turner Thomas Meier produces our shaving handles with a lot of craftsmanship in Switzerland. The handle lies well in the hand and impresses with its simple aesthetics. Our shaving handle should provide more quality in your everyday life and a new shaving experience. For every handle sold, we plant a new tree with OneTreePlanted to give something back to nature.

Take a look and visit us virtually in Thomas Meier's workshop!