Jetzt fliegen auch in der Drechslerei Stich Shavejack-Späne

New partnership with Stich turnery

We are pleased that our shaving handles made of Swiss wood are well received and that we can expand our cooperation with an additional Swiss craftsman. Alex Meier and his team are now making sure that the chips are flying for Shavejack at the Stich turnery in Kleinlützel.

In the beginning, it was all about tobacco pipes and walking sticks
The Stich turnery has been processing wood since 1941. In the beginning it was tobacco pipes and walking sticks. Within the last 60 years the company has constantly changed and adapted to the new challenges. However, at its core, Drechslerei Stich has remained true to its roots: the love of wood and the craft of woodturning. There are currently just 5 apprentice woodturners in Switzerland and around 5 companies that can offer apprenticeships. The Drechslerei Stich is one of them.

Electricity requirements are largely covered by a photovoltaic system
The fact that the makers of the turnery are not content with the status quo is also demonstrated by the expansion of the business to include photovoltaics. The innovative owner and managing director Alex Meier trained himself in the field of photovoltaics. The company's own plant has been in operation since December 2010 and with an output of 27 KwP, the Drechslerei Stich can sustainably cover a large part of its own electricity requirements.

Expansion of the network of craft businesses in Switzerland
One of our goals is to use the timeless razor handle made of Swiss wood to bring local craft businesses and their historic craftsmanship back into the limelight and into the consciousness. We hope to be able to make a contribution here.

In the picture (left to right): Christian Uhlmann, workshop manager, wood turner EFZ and Alex Meier, managing director, Eigd. Dipl. master turner, solar technician photovoltaics