Auch zu Zeiten von Corona: Wir liefern euch pünktlich Rasierklingen direkt in den Briefkasten

Even in times of Corona: We deliver razor blades directly to your mailbox on time

The world stands still and Corona turns everything upside down. To be honest, we didn't expect that. It's true that we're used to working digitally. That's what our business is based on, among other things. But not only. At the end of every channel are people. And they are the ones who make a company special.

There are indeed numerous apps and software solutions that are indispensable for running day-to-day business remotely, and indeed for developing it further. But what Corona now also makes clear: without other people, the personal exchange, being together on one thing, the essentials are missing. And that is good!

The Corona emergency makes inventive
Numerous examples show that necessity is the mother of invention, such as TICK, the laundry service, which sold vegetables and fruit at short notice from restaurateurs whose warehouses were full. We were informed via newsletter and immediately bought four boxes for our home office. Such actions simply have to be supported. We think it's great!

The abrupt closure was also a shock for many shops. Overnight they had to switch to home delivery to keep their business going. The Tages-Anzeiger has created an interactive map with numerous shops. Be sure to check it out and register if you are a shop owner. We also think this act is great!

With united digital forces, the online hackathon, which will take place from 3.4.-5.4., will certainly also bring numerous new solutions to light. We are looking for courageous ideas that will help Switzerland to emerge stronger from the current difficult situation caused by Covid-19. The goal is to jointly develop functioning digital or analogue prototypes within 48 hours of the online hackathon in order to counter the virus with tangible solutions. For this to work, different perspectives and skills are needed. That means you don't have to be a programmer to participate.

We are easy to reach for you dear customers
Via email and by phone +41 508 00 81. We also answer messages via Facebook or Instagram immediately.

Orders will be sent to your home on time as usual and should help to improve the quality of your new everyday life.

Stay healthy, take good care of yourself and - if possible - the other precious people in your home office.

Your Shavejack Team